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Elon Musk utilized Twitter to clarify the reason behind his decision to alter the blue bird logo of Twitter

Elon Musk made a surprising move on Tuesday by replacing Twitter’s iconic blue bird logo with a meme of the cryptocurrency ‘Doge’. The meme now appears on the top left corner of the Twitter feed homescreen on the Web version. This is the latest change since Mr. Musk purchased the microblogging platform for $44 billion last November. In a previous tweet, he announced that starting from April, Twitter will only suggest content from paid accounts on the For You feed, which is the first screen that users see when they open the app.

The Doge meme as the new logo has sparked a flurry of comments on Twitter. One user asked, “Elon Musk changed Twitter Logo to Doge. Is it fun Tuesday on Twitter?” While another user stated, “Always some attention-seeking nonsense happening on Twitter. Who cares if it’s a bird or a doge.”

Mr. Musk is an advocate of Dogecoin, a cryptocurrency initially created as a joke in 2013. He mentioned that Tesla accepts Dogecoin as payment for merchandise and reiterated that SpaceX will also accept it soon. According to Bloomberg, Dogecoin soared by almost 30% after the Doge meme logo appeared on the website interface.

As more users began asking questions about the logo change, Mr. Musk posted two tweets, both presenting a humorous take on his move. One tweet showed the face of the Doge meme driving a car while a police officer checks his driving license, which displays the ‘old’ blue bird logo. Doge tells the cop, “That’s an old photo.” In another tweet, Mr. Musk shared a screenshot of an old conversation with a user who asked him to “buy Twitter and change the bird logo to a doge.” He said in the tweet that it’s done “as promised.”

Meanwhile, Vox highlighted a “relevant” piece of news that users are pointing to – a Reuters report that stated Mr. Musk is facing a $258 billion lawsuit alleging he ran a pyramid scheme to support Dogecoin. A few days before the meme appeared on Twitter’s site, the Twitter CEO’s legal team requested the court to dismiss the Dogecoin lawsuit.

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