Google is experimenting with Apprentice Bard, a search page that incorporates AI features similar to those of ChatGPT

Last year, ChatGPT caused a stir when it was released. The chatbot is capable of answering questions, writing code, and even passing law and business exams. Google initially downplayed ChatGPT’s impact on Google Search, but later declared a “code red” and shifted resources to AI development.

They are reportedly testing a ChatGPT-like product called Apprentice Bard that uses LaMDA technology and delivers answers based on recent events. Google is also developing

a new Search desktop design that supports question-and-answer form and could replace the “I’m feeling lucky” bar with five prompts. The report suggests that Google is competing with ChatGPT and is not likely to surrender its search dominance without a fight. However, the release date for their ChatGPT alternatives is unknown.

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