Happu Ki Ultan Paltan 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Blackmailer Demands Happu to Redirect Rajjo and Amma’s Gifts

In the latest episode of Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, Happu arrives at the police station where Manohar notices his bruised appearance and inquires about it. Happu reveals that he is being blackmailed and narrates the entire incident. Meanwhile, Rajjo requests the laundry woman to clean her saree thoroughly, and the laundry woman asks Rajjo to bring the same saree for her. Vimlesh intervenes, stating that it’s an expensive saree. Later, Happu returns home and receives a call from the blackmailer, instructing him to give the saree to someone else.

Happu, finding an opportunity, tells Rajjo that she looked overweight in that particular saree and suggests giving it to the laundry woman. He hands it over to her and asks her to try it on. The lady tries it on and complains that her tongue has turned black. Rajjo then confronts Amma, expressing her dissatisfaction. In the midst of this, Happu receives a message demanding him to take away a wine bottle from Amma. Rajjo breaks down in tears, and Amma sympathizes with her. Happu enters the scene and insists that Amma return the bottle. However, Amma reveals that she has already consumed it. Happu pleads with her to hand it over to him. Meanwhile, Vimlesh questions Beni about his feelings for her, and Beni confesses his unwavering love.

Kat weeps as she informs Kamlesh about Happu giving away Mummy’s saree to the laundry lady, raising concerns about him giving away her makeup to someone else. Kamlesh assures her that she would look terrifying without makeup. The Paan seller informs Happu that the blackmailer seems familiar and may have knowledge about their household. Happu boasts about himself, and the Paan seller suggests making a call to the blackmailer. Meanwhile, Changez observes them from a distance. Happu sends a threatening message to the blackmailer, who responds by instructing them to get slapped by the Paan seller. As a result, Happu and his family receive a slap from the Paan seller.

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