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Karan Kundrra Disappointed with Baseless Breakup Rumors Involving Tejasswi Prakash

Karan Kundrra Expresses Displeasure Over False Breakup Rumors with Tejasswi Prakash

In the realm of Indian television, Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash have emerged as the most adored couple in recent times. Their off-screen chemistry has captured the hearts of fans, who are enthralled by their love story. Both Karan and Tejasswi boast substantial individual fan bases, and their romance blossomed further during their time together on Bigg Boss 15, catapulting them to immense popularity as a couple.

The couple often becomes a trending topic on social media. However, social media has a darker side as well, where baseless speculations often arise. Recently, rumors began circulating about their separation, triggered by one of Karan’s cryptic posts. In the past, the couple had been confronted with similar conjectures, but they had promptly stepped forward to clarify matters. Once again, they made it abundantly clear that their relationship was thriving and filled with contentment.

During a recent interview with Zoom TV, Karan expressed his frustration regarding how people on social media readily jump to conclusions about his relationship with Tejasswi, even without having access to the truth. He recounted how individuals would leave negative comments on Tejasswi’s posts, meticulously tracking his reactions or lack thereof. He shared, “Social media is a platform for the world and my professional endeavors. If Tejasswi shares a picture, within an hour, there will be a thousand comments pointing out that I haven’t liked it yet. Ironically, I’m the one who helps her choose outfits and captures her pictures.”

Expanding on his thoughts, Karan lamented, “People on social media form their own conclusions about us. Then, my public relations team contacts me, and I’m left perplexed, thinking, ‘What!'” He also remarked that certain individuals seemed incapable of accepting Tejasswi and him being genuinely happy together.

Calling out these faux fans, Karan highlighted their ulterior motives of spreading negativity. He stated, “I openly declare that Tejasswi and I are happy together. Yet, some people choose to circulate rumors because they cannot stand to witness our happiness. Such individuals are not true fans; they merely pretend to be one.

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