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Linda Yaccarino Rumored as Next Twitter CEO: Public Opinion Divided

In a recent tweet by Steve Kirsch, a prominent figure in the technology industry, a rumor regarding the next CEO of Twitter has emerged. Kirsch stated that Linda Yaccarino, the Executive Chair of the World Economic Forum (WEF), is purportedly set to take the reins as the new Twitter CEO. The tweet also included a poll where users could express their approval or disapproval of this potential appointment. As public opinion remains divided, this article explores the speculation surrounding Linda Yaccarino’s rumored role at Twitter and delves into the results of the poll.

The Linda Yaccarino Speculation

Steve Kirsch’s tweet on May 12, 2023, generated significant interest within the tech and social media communities. According to Kirsch, Linda Yaccarino, a well-known figure in the media industry and the current Executive Chair of the WEF, is reportedly in line to become the next CEO of Twitter. This rumor has triggered conversations and debates among Twitter users and industry observers alike.

Linda Yaccarino’s Background and Expertise

Linda Yaccarino has a notable track record in the media industry, having previously served as the Chairman of Advertising and Partnerships at NBCUniversal. Her expertise lies in strategic planning, business development, and media relations. Yaccarino’s leadership positions and accomplishments in the media landscape have made her a respected figure within the industry.

The Twitter CEO Approval Poll

In his tweet, Steve Kirsch included a poll where Twitter users could express their approval or disapproval of Linda Yaccarino potentially becoming the next CEO of Twitter. As of the time of writing, the poll showed that 4.5% of respondents approved of this appointment, while the majority, 95.5%, did not approve. With 5,746 votes recorded, these results reflect a strong sentiment against Yaccarino assuming the role of Twitter CEO.

Speculation and Implications

The rumor surrounding Linda Yaccarino as the potential Twitter CEO has sparked speculation about the direction the company may take under her leadership. Twitter, as a prominent social media platform, has faced numerous challenges in recent years, including issues related to user safety, content moderation, and revenue growth. If Yaccarino were to assume the role, her experience in the media industry and strategic vision could potentially shape the platform’s future direction.

Divided Public Opinion

The results of the approval poll shared by Steve Kirsch indicate a significant divide among Twitter users regarding Linda Yaccarino’s potential appointment as CEO. The overwhelming disapproval expressed in the poll suggests that a substantial portion of the Twitter community may have concerns or reservations about Yaccarino leading the platform. The reasons behind this sentiment could vary, ranging from a desire for someone with a background in technology to concerns about potential conflicts of interest.


The rumor regarding Linda Yaccarino’s potential appointment as Twitter CEO has stirred conversations and debates among Twitter users. While Yaccarino’s background in the media industry and strategic expertise make her a strong candidate, the results of the approval poll indicate significant disapproval from the Twitter community. As the speculation continues, it remains to be seen whether this rumored leadership change will materialize and how it could potentially shape the future of Twitter as a prominent social media platform.

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