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Michelle Dee: The Beauty, Intelligence, and Talent Behind Miss Universe PH 2023 Victory

Michelle Dee, hailing from Makati City, has emerged triumphant as the crowned winner of Miss Universe Philippines 2023, leaving an immense sense of pride within the pageantry world.

Defeating 37 formidable candidates on May 13, 2023, the fiery Filipina queen has made an indelible mark on this esteemed competition, following in the footsteps of the exceptional Miss Universe Philippines 2022, Celeste Cortesi.

Let’s delve into five fascinating and quick facts about the newly crowned queen.


The newly crowned Miss Universe Philippines was born on April 24, 1995, and spent her formative years on her family’s ranch in Utah, USA. Growing up in such an environment instilled independence in her, a valuable trait that would aid her journey toward becoming a well-rounded individual and beauty queen.


Michelle’s mother, Melanie Marquez, earned the title of Miss International in 1979 and has since become a prominent figure in the pageant scene. While Michelle has undoubtedly inherited her mother’s beauty and intelligence, she has also carved out her own identity beyond being the daughter of a beauty queen.


Initially uninterested in pursuing pageantry, Michelle prioritized her studies. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from De La Salle University, where she consistently excelled academically. However, inspired and encouraged by her fans, she decided to try her luck in the pageant world, ultimately leading to her triumphant win as Miss Universe Philippines 2023.


Prior to her pageant journey, Michelle had already discovered her passion for acting. She found that acting fueled her creativity and subsequently turned her passion into a career. In just two years since her debut in 2019, Michelle’s acting skills garnered recognition, earning her the title of Best New Movie Actress at the 36th Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for her exceptional performance in the film “Because I Love You.”


Michelle’s victory as Miss Universe Philippines 2023 is a testament to her beauty, intelligence, talent, and adventurous nature. Beyond being a pretty face, she possesses a courageous spirit and is always ready to embrace new challenges and opportunities. She indulges in contact sports like boxing and has an inherent passion for adventure. Her love for adrenaline dates back to her childhood, where she first learned to ride an ATV.

Michelle Marquez Dee, hailing from Makati, has rightfully claimed the title of Miss Universe Philippines 2023. Crowned by the previous year’s winner, Celeste Cortesi, this well-known 28-year-old Filipino actress and model is recognized for her captivating presence and outstanding on-screen performances. Born on April 24, 1995, in the Philippines to Derek Dee, a businessman, and Melanie Marquez, a former Miss International, Michelle embarked on her journey in the entertainment industry through beauty pageants before transitioning to acting.

Since her debut in the 2019 film “Dead Kids,” Michelle has made notable appearances in renowned films and television shows such as “All About Eve,” “On the Job 2,” and “The Lost Recipe.” She represented the Philippines in several international beauty pageants, including Miss World and Miss Supranational in 2019, and was crowned Miss World Philippines the same year.

Out of the initial 38 contestants, the final five candidates competing for the crown included Krishnah Marie Gravidez,

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