Pathu Thala Movie Download 2023 [4K, HD, 1080p 480p, 720p] Review

Pathu Thala Download Movie: Is it Worth the Risk?

Are you curious about Pathu Thala Download movie? Do you want to know if it is worth risking legal consequences to watch or download it for free from websites like Filmyzilla? Here is what you need to know about this new Tamil movie.

Pathu Thala Movie Story

The story of Pathu Thala Download movie starts at a medical vaccine campus where the Chief Minister and Deputy CM of the state are attending an event. However, the CM suddenly goes missing the same night. AGR runs a sand mining business in Kanyakumari, and after the Chief Minister disappears, the person chosen by AGR becomes the next Chief Minister. On the other hand, Kanyakumari Tehsildar Leela Thomson strongly opposes sand mining in Asia.

If you are wondering about the fate of the mysteriously disappeared Chief Minister, who AGR is, and who is fulfilling the objectives of state power by entering his fort, you will get the answers to all these questions only after watching the film Pathu Thala Download.

Pathu Thala Movie Review

Pathu Thala movie is full of political maneuvering in the first part, showing the struggle against the sand mafia. In the first chapter of this Pathu Thala Download movie, you will get to see only a few scenes of entertainment. However, in the second part, the noble intention of AGR and its effect has been shown in detail.

Although it is essential to note that showing people who are good at working in sand trucks illegally is a wrong example for society, overall, it can be said that the personality of an influential leader has been shown as a good guy with a bad face.

Pathu Thala Movie Cast

In the Pathu Thala Download film, Silambarasan has played the role of AG Raavanan (AGR), while Gautham Karthik has played the role of Gunalan policeman. Priya Bhavani Shankar has played the character of Leela Thompson.

Pathu Thala Movie Release Date

Pathu Thala movie was released in cinemas on 30 March 2023 at 9:00 AM ST. Currently, this film has only been released in theaters.

Is it Safe to Download or Watch Pathu Thala Movie from Pirated Websites?

Pathu Thala Download movie is available for free download on the Filmyzilla website in Full HD 360p, 420p, and 1080p in MP4, MKV, and AVI formats. However, downloading or watching movies from pirated websites is illegal. Both the viewer and the downloader may face legal action, and we advise our readers always to go to the official OTT platform or cinema hall to watch the movie.

Pathu Thala Movie Cast: Silambarasan, Gautham Karthik, Priya Bhavani Shankar, and More

The highly anticipated Tamil movie, Pathu Thala, has finally hit the screens. The film features an ensemble cast of talented actors, including Silambarasan, Gautham Karthik, and Priya Bhavani Shankar, among others. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the cast of Pathu Thala and what each actor brings to the table.

Silambarasan as AG Raavanan

Silambarasan, also known as Simbu, plays the role of AG Raavanan in Pathu Thala. The character’s full name is AGR, and he is one of the film’s main protagonists. Simbu is a seasoned actor in the Tamil film industry, known for his versatile performances in various genres.

Gautham Karthik as Gunalan

Gautham Karthik portrays the character of Gunalan, a policeman, in Pathu Thala. Gautham is the son of veteran actor Karthik Muthuraman and has carved a niche for himself with his acting skills. His portrayal of Gunalan in Pathu Thala has received critical acclaim.

Priya Bhavani Shankar as Leela Thompson

Priya Bhavani Shankar plays the character of Leela Thompson in Pathu Thala. She is a popular television presenter turned actor and has worked on several successful Tamil films. Her performance in Pathu Thala as Leela has been appreciated by audiences and critics alike.

Other Notable Cast Members

Pathu Thala also features an impressive supporting cast, including Kalaiyarasan as Ameer, Gautham Vasudev Menon as Gautham Vasudev Menon, Teejay Arunasalam as Selvin, Santhosh Prathap as CM Arunmozhi, Anu Sithara as Samudra, Madhu Guruswamy as Singha, and Gajaraj as Father Thomas.

Pathu Thala Movie Songs List

The music for Pathu Thala has been composed by the talented Yuvan Shankar Raja. The soundtrack features five songs, each with its unique style and flavor. Here’s the list of Pathu Thala movie songs:

“Namme Satham” by Vivek, with music by AR Rahman (3:41)
“Ninaivirukka” by Kapilan, with music by AR Ameen and Saktisree Gopalan (4:44)
“Nee Singam Thaan” by Vivek, with music by Sidd Sriram (4:07)
“Rowdy” by Sinegugan, with music by Subha and Nivas (3:11)
“Osarattum Pathu Thala” by Nattu Raja Durai, with music by Deepthi Suresh, Srikant Hariharan, and Sathyaprakash (4:48)


While the Pathu Thala Download movie may be tempting to watch or download for free, it is essential to consider the legal risks involved. It is best to watch the film through official channels and support the hard work of the cast and crew behind it. So, do yourself a favor and avoid the temptation of illegal movie downloads.

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