Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Abhi Withdraws the Case

In the latest episode of “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” on May 24, 2023, Abhi is seen conversing with his son, Akshu. He advises Akshu to take good care of Abhir and hands him a post-op file that contains all the necessary instructions for Abhir’s recovery.

Abhi’s father, Manish, observes their interaction and prays for everything to go well. Abhi emphasizes the importance of Abhir resting and urges Abhinav to ensure that he does so. Later, Abhi approaches Aarohi and gifts her a pain relief spray for her hands. He expresses his gratitude towards her for supporting him despite the challenges they faced. Aarohi reciprocates the sentiment and mentions that Abhir is also important to her. Abhi encourages her to go home and be with Ruhi, and she agrees. The scene ends with Manjiri showering her blessings on Aarohi and the two of them sharing a smile.

Ruhi reminds Abhir that he spent four days in the hospital, to which Abhir expresses his desire to go back home. They engage in a conversation while Aarohi and Akshu join them. Aarohi informs them that it’s time to go to school. Ruhi suggests meeting Abhir later, and Aarohi agrees, emphasizing the importance of attending school first. Manish and the rest of the family gather around Abhir, assuring him that his wishes will be fulfilled. Abhir playfully complains to Manish, and Abhinav lightens the mood with a joke.

Akshu and Abhir share a bad joke, and Neela encourages Abhir to have some food. Dadi chimes in, mentioning that it’s only a matter of a few days before Abhir can have what he wants and suggests that he ask for something else. Abhir expresses his desire to visit Kasauli and meet his friends there. While acknowledging Ruhi’s role as the best sister, he admits missing his home and promises to return later. Manish agrees to let him go to Kasauli, and Kairav assures that they won’t miss Abhir too much, followed by laughter. Manish takes responsibility for making the necessary arrangements and seeks confirmation from Abhi. Abhir emphasizes the need to consult his father, as he worries a lot about him.

Meanwhile, Abhi overhears Manjiri discussing the hearing date and interrupts, emphasizing that the court case should not be about him or Abhi but solely focused on Abhir. He expresses his priority to ensure Abhir’s recovery and future, stating that fighting in court would only divert attention from his well-being. Akshu informs everyone that the hearing is scheduled in two days. Manish acknowledges the need to care for Abhir, while Akshu mentions the lack of alternatives.

At that moment, a servant delivers a courier to Akshu, which turns out to be court papers. Upon inspection, she discovers that Abhi has put the case on hold, effectively canceling it. This news brings joy and relief to the family, with Dadi acknowledging divine intervention, Kairav commending Abhi’s actions, and Manish recognizing his love for Abhir. Akshu believes that Abhir will be happier staying with them, and Abhinav praises Abhi for being a better parent, overcoming fear, and undergoing surgery for Abhir’s sake.

Manish decides to inform Abhir about the withdrawal of the case, while Abhinav suggests informing Abhi about their Kasauli trip. Akshu attempts to contact Abhi, but he is unavailable and heading to a medical camp. Uncertain of what to do, they contemplate whether or not to inform him. Kairav suggests refraining from calling Abhi for the time being, but Abhinav insists on informing him, as not doing so would be wrong.

The family discusses the logistics of reaching Abhi at the medical camp, and it is revealed that Abhi is treating patients there. While treating a boy accompanied by his father, Abhi notices Abhir’s reflection in the child and smiles. He assures the boy’s father that his son will be able to play football again soon. Back at home, Aarohi initially hesitates but ultimately agrees to let Akshu and Abhinav take Abhir to Kasauli, cautioning them to protect Abhir from dust and mud and advising them to keep him wearing a mask.

Muskaan’s situation is also addressed, with Akshu requesting Aarohi not to make her leave her job, and Neela reluctantly allowing her to stay while stating that she won’t tolerate any misbehavior. Neela eventually softens and embraces Muskaan, while Abhir expresses his excitement for Suwarna’s return and plans for everyone to visit Kasauli. The family members join hands, united in their love and support for each other.

In the precap, Manjiri informs everyone that Akshu and Abhinav have taken Abhir to Kasauli, and Akshu warmly welcomes the boys to their new home. Meanwhile, Abhi calls Akshu, expressing his desire for her to join him.

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